Whistler Blackcomb unlimited or EPIC

An adult EPIC pass shakes out to about $1273 CAD

*Aug 27th Update*

  • Please see the links below for the latest update from Whistler Blackcomb.
  • Deadline day extended to September 17th
  • Individual ski days will need to be booked - on busy days capacity may be limited - reservations open November 6th
  • Ski pass holders will receive priority booking privileges
  • Masks will be mandatory and restaurant capacity will be limited to ensure safe distancing



Original article below - this still holds true - even more emphasis on getting organized in advance!




Whistler Blackcomb Season Pass What Skiing Will Cost You In 2020/2021.


Casual Skier alert - this post is all about season passes - please read the accompanying blog post about advance purchase and multi-day lift tickets



Give me the goods – what should I do?


  1. Pull the trigger, take the plunge!  Pandemic uncertainty, Mountains closing early last year - what is a passionate skier or snowboarder to do? Whatever you decide good luck and if you don't plump for a season pass this year consider a short duration pass and couple it with a great midweek deal at the Blackcomb Springs Suites. It is certainly a tough decision - my family is two adults and three teenagers so unless we buy a new car, season passes are normally our single biggest purchase of the year (ouch)
  2. Use your COVID credits - buy before September 17th. If you got partial credit on last years season ticket it has to be redeemed by September 17th according to the Whistler Blackcomb website
  3. Adults - buy the EPIC pass - this year most of the extra perks that you got for the WB pass last year now almost certainly apply to the EPIC. That and you get the option to ski elsewhere - more restrictive in a COVID year but a Kicking Horse/Fernie road trip sounds like an option you may want to keep open.  Buying the EPIC pass will save you about $200 person if you buy online (you won't have to pay the GST if you do it this way).
  4. Exception - families - maybe?? If you don't have pass credits from last year but you do qualify for the 10% family discount (buying season passes and lessons programs combined) then the math gets dicey and is probably worth digging deep. If you have COVID credits then the family pass discount doesn't apply (dang!). It might be worthwhile buying the WB passes to get the family savings. Then again maybe not if you plan to ski at any of the other resorts.
  5. Exception teenagers - The EPIC pass counts everyone over 13 as an adult whilst the WB pass has a Youth option that will save you $400 per teen.  Double exception if you have a teen but are definitely heading out on a 7-day roundtrip to the other resorts in BC covered by EPIC then the math will get very complicated. Triple exception - if you live in the Sea2Sky corridor make sure you call for the Sea2Sky Student pass which will save you even more.
  6. Buy the pass early – you are covered if COVID closes the mountain (plus a whole range of other reasons) and prices will probably go up as we get closer to opening day. With many hotels in Whistler offering a COVID guarantee you can have the confidence to get the early deal but still have an escape route if the unexpected happens.

This year our family splashed out on 2 adult EPIC passes and three teen/youth WB passes. We are hoping for empty slopes, bottomless powder with splashes of sunshine around noon.





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Pass holders get the mountains to themselves with exclusive early season access through Dec. 7.
We will not sell lift tickets until Dec 8; buying an Epic Day Pass is a great alternative. Early season
reservations can be booked up to a week in advance.

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Lock-in that big trip or special weekend before the core season even begins. As a pass holder, you will
receive an early opportunity to reserve up to seven Priority Reservation Days for the core season (Dec. 8 - April 4)
before lift tickets go on sale. The exclusive reservation window runs Nov. 6 through Dec. 7. If you cannot get
the Priority Reservation Days you want by Dec. 7, and have not used your pass, you can get a refund
with Epic Coverage.

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As a pass holder, you can make as many week-of reservations during the season as your pass type
and availability allow. Week-of reservations are in addition to your Priority Reservation Days. As you use
your Priority Reservation Days, you can book new ones, holding up to seven at any time, or as many as
your pass type allows.

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You will be able to view real-time availability and make reservations all in one place, on EpicPass.com.
Reservations will activate your pass for the selected days; no need to bring anything but your pass to
get access to the mountain. The reservation window opens in early November.

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