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Adult Lift Tickets Are Just Over $100 day

Whistler Blackcomb – What COVID means to Lift Ticket Prices for BC and Canadian skiers and snowboarders.


*Aug 27th Update*

Please see the links below for the latest update from the Whistler Blackcomb

  • Deadline day extended to September 17th
  • Individual ski days will need to be booked - on busy days capacity may be limited
  • Ski pass holders will receive priority booking privileges
  • Masks will be mandatory and restaurant capacity will be limited to ensure safe distancing




Original BLOG article below - this still holds true with even more emphasis on getting organized in advance!


Skiing in Whistler without breaking the bank has always been a challenge. It's essential to be in the know and take advantage of every deal and offer available. The good news is that with fewer international travelers predicted there may be more deals for Canadians than ever before. Whistler Blackcomb has already published a new lift ticket product called the "Whistler Blackcomb Day Pass" which offers a day's skiing for a little over a hundred dollars.  Still an expensive proposition but a lot better than the ticket window rates that can exceed $200/day.


Keener alert - this post is intended for people considering a few trips to Whistler in 2020/2021 and trying to grapple with the math of making it affordable. This post is NOT for you if you are sure to ski more than 5 or 6 days this coming season – you will need to figure out your season or edge card options directly with Whistler Blackcomb or wait for me to write a post about season passes.



Give me the goods – what should I do?

  1. Buy the WB Day pass not the EPIC Day pass – that will save you about $20 per day even when you factor in tax and exchange rate. The big exception is if you want to ski any other resorts in the Vail Resorts Portfolio – hard when the border is closed but not impossible if Fernie and Kicking horse are included like last year. If this is the case spring the approximately $20 extra per for the EPIC day ticket.

  2. Avoid the holiday peak dates - fewer people on the slopes, shorter lineups and you'll save about $20 per day if you avoid Christmas and the peak US holidays. If you combine that with midweek lodging deals then you will be on track for the best savings combined.

  3. Choose the number of days - not too few but not too many!

    1. More than 5 days skiing – jump on to and decide which Season pass or Epic card best meets your needs – you’ll need to ski 12 or 13 days for sure to pay off a full season pass otherwise a 5 or 10-day edge card may be a better option.

    2. You will save $3 or $4 per day by prepaying for a longer pass length – decide if the saving is worth it and lock into the number of days you are pretty sure you will need.

  4. Buy the pass early – you are covered if COVID closes the mountain (plus a whole range of other reasons) and prices will probably go up as we get closer to opening day. With many hotels in Whistler offering a COVID guarantee you can have the confidence to get the early deal but still have an escape route if the unexpected happens.

  5. Unused Credits From Last Year? - If this is the case the deadline to redeem those credits is September 7th - get in there early!

The Analysis (if you are so inclined)


Our suggestions start at $110 CAD per adult per day (Inc tax).  Depending on ticket length and restrictions. 

Below is our analysis of the best way to buy a lift ticket this winter. All the details are below and are our best efforts at a summary after spending 3 hours on the Whistler Blackcomb website and chatting with their call center (So you don’t have to!). Please leave comments and questions and we will try to amend and update as we go along. 


Adult Whistler Blackcomb Price per day in Canadian dollars including taxes - advance purchase required


Excluding Peak dates*

Ski Anytime

One Day

$ 124

 $ 146

Two Day

$ 120

 $ 142

Three Day

$ 117

 $ 138

Four Day

$ 113

 $ 134

Five Day

$ 110

 $ 130

*Excluded Dates Nov 27,28, Dec 26-31, Jan 16,Feb 13,14

*Skiing on Whistler Blackcomb only - does not include other Vail resorts


The good news

  • The most restrictive tickets are not that restrictive – WB wants your business this year!

  • New product for new times – WB has launched a day pass product for this coming winter

  • COVID coverage – advance purchase passes come with insurance included for many scenarios including if the mountains close should COVID cases flare-up.

  • Prices start as low as $105 per day plus tax (if you buy a 5-day pass) or $118 plus tax for a single day

The fine print

  • Get organized to get the deal – these prices are only available for advance purchase before the mountain opens for skiing

  • Prices may go up the longer you wait – this is the first layer of the early booking and rates could increase.  Don't expect these prices to be available once the lifts start turning in November.

  • You’ll pay extra for peak dates – strangely the big US holidays plus Christmas are blacked out. To get the unlimited pass you are looking at an extra $15-$20 per day to ski at peak times.

Whistler Blackcomb Q&A on Lift tickets

(updated Aug 27th 2020 and subject to change as the season progresses)

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**Updated Aug 27th WB announces Daily ticket booking system and COVID safety procedures**