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Adult Lift Tickets Are Just Over $100 day

Whistler Blackcomb – What Lift Ticket Prices look like in 2022/2023.



Skiing in Whistler without breaking the bank has always been a challenge. It's essential to be in the know and take advantage of every deal and offer available. Luckily, there are several options available, meaning that there is something for every budget.  



Keener alert - this post is for those only wanting to ski a few days this season. If you are sure to ski more than 5 or 6 days this coming season, we recommend looking into Season Passes or Edge Cards. Check with Whistler Blackcomb to see what options are available for avid skiers wanting to maximize their ski time this winter. 



Give me the goods – what should I do?

  1. Buy the WB Day pass not the EPIC Day pass – by buying a ticket for only Whistler Blackcomb, you can save on your ski days. The WB Day Pass is for Whistler Blackcomb only, whereas the Epic Pass includes other Epic resorts in Canada, US, and around the World. If you do not plan to venture far for your ski holidays this year, and do not need that extra flexibility, save money with the WB Day Pass. 

  2. Avoid the holiday peak dates - know what the peak dates are in both Canada and the US. These high-demand dates drive rates up, and usually involve long lines for the gondola and chairs. This includes Chrsitmas and New Year, Family Day, MLK Day, to name a few. Visiting outside the holidays ensures cheaper rates and a smoother trip. 

  3. Choose the number of days - not too few but not too many!

    1. If you plan on skiing more than five days this winter, Day Passes or Edge Cards might be the best way forward as they are discounted up to 61% compared to Lift Tickets. You can choose whether you want Holiday Restrictions, which means the card is invalid during peak periods, which is perfect if you don't plan on skiing them anyway.

    2. The more days you prepay for (through these Day Passes or Edge Cards), the more savings you get. The rates are usually between $3-4 a day. If you've got your dates set, it's a good idea to prepay.

  4. Buy the pass early – the earlier you buy your pass or lift ticket, the better. The best deals are long before the mountain even opens, with passes being heavily discounted. As we edge closer to opening day, rates go up. Even if you are buying your ticket after the season has started, you can still get some savings by booking online in advance. The highest rate you will find will be at the ticket window. 


The Good News

  • The most restrictive tickets are not that restrictive. Holiday dates for the 2022-23 season include December 26-31, 2022, January 14, February 18-19. 

  • Dynamic pricing gives you flexibility to find the dates that work best for you and your budget. 

The fine print

  • Get organized to get the deal – the sooner you reserve your tickets, the better the pricing. You can start as early as summer. The prices may go up the longer you wait. 

  • New this season, season passes, Edge Cards, and Day Passes are only purchasable until December 4, 2023. After, only Lift Tickets will be able to be purchased. Book ahead of time to save! If you go to the ticket window, you will be paying top dollar.

  • The more days you ski, the cheaper it will be. Keep in mind, multi-day Lift Tickets do not have to be used on consecutive days, which means you can still get your discounts regardless of when you go up. 

Skiing in Whistler

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