Is it going to snow?

Which weather forecast to believe?

In this week s blog, I review the top 3 bookmarks to get a better view of what the weather will bring to the mountains in the next little while. Remember, no matter how much you polish a crystal ball it's still a crystal ball.

The Real Deal - Wayne Flann

Wayne Flann is a long time local,  avalanche forecaster, weather expert, and all-around mountain man.  His volunteer blog tells it like it really is. Essential reading to help you choose your layers - no BS just the real deal with a 7-day outlook that rocks. 

This forecast is detailed and on the analytical end of the spectrum with weather charts, observations, and detailed forecast.  Look out for the satellite image and keep your eye out for a system over the Aleutian islands spinning our way with lots of snow.

A satellite image capturing a tornado swirling in the sky used at Blackcomb Springs Suites
Map displaying diverse snow varieties at Blackcomb Springs Suites

Snow-forecast 1480 - feel good forecast

Snow-forecast 1480  comes from the  'glass is half full' side of the toolbox - this is a great page to get stoked for an impending storm as the estimates can be on the generous side. Nevertheless, it does deliver and is easy to view on your phone. This is the forecast to get your buddies off the couch and up to the mountains. You can also view forecasts from different elevations and there is a subscription service available that gives a longer forecast.

If you don't like the forecast there always hope

Weather Network - 14 day forecast

In Whistler, we have a saying - "If you don't like the weather just give it 30 minutes". With the weather network long-range 14 day forecast you can always look forward to what's coming down the pipeline and be safe in the knowledge that if you don't like what you see, then it will probably change anyway. This is a good one when trip planning - and remember nobody guarantees the weather!

A screen displaying various weather conditions at Blackcomb Springs Suites
Weather snow forecast image used at Blackcomb Springs Suites

Whistler Peak

The Whole Package is a relatively new site that has been steadily improved over the last couple of years. There has been a lot of work put in recently to make the site super easy to use both on desktop and mobile. Lots of different information sources are pulled together to curate a comprehensive site with less clicking around. This makes it useful on a chairlift with cold fingers trying to see if the Peak has opened

Honorable mentions

Other great sources of information

The Whistler Blackcomb Weather Forecast has good information although it can be a little difficult to use on a phone as you have to click to expand the details. If you are on the website anyway reserving your days it is well worth a look, and you should definitely check out the snow stake to generate some excitement if its a powder day.

Tourism Whistler also has excellent weather and webcam information on the website.